“I have a will.” But, are you sure your will has your true intentions? Is it current? Does it reflect your family and your assets today? Does it make use of the most progressive and advantageous instruments and strategies? Can you say with certainty that your affairs will be administered and purposed as you desire?

Successful estate planning yields plans followed without procrastination, equivocation or deviation. The artistry of the estate planning you deserve is found in a relationship that paves the way for unvarnished dialogue. While estate planning documents underpin clearly stated objectives and wishes established with you, Atlantic Wealth Partners takes you beyond thorough document development and execution. From protecting assets to minimizing tax liabilities, ours is a workhorse approach to the supporting planning and documentation we develop and customize for you.

Prudent estate planning is ongoing. Plans must be current and forward looking. The partnership dynamic ensures this is so. Atlantic Wealth Partners ensures all the spokes in your plan work together in the way that best moves you forward.