You retain some combination of money managers, financial, personal and practice insurance advisor(s), a practice manager, CPA, bookkeeper, estate planner, and lawyer(s), each for their specialized expertise. These are your deckhands. Who’s your captain?

A wealth care team without a leader is a ship without a captain. The vessel advancing your financial wellbeing is progressing. Who’s making sure it’s not taking on water?

No matter how exceptional your financial, accounting and legal professionals may be, on their own they cannot identify all the potential holes within the wider framework of your plan. Atlantic Wealth Partners’ Personal CFO service harnesses your existing specialists. It fuses their effort behind definable goals, commanding all aspects of your financial, legal and tax operations.

Atlantic Wealth Partners’ Personal CFO aligns and orchestrates integration of all your myriad financial affairs. Working in concert, your financial activities strive toward a strategic goal, never in conflict with one another.

Personal CFO Areas of Expertise and Services


Purpose suited to business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, physicians and land developers focused on non-traditional, creative, income and estate tax minimization and dynamic investment risk management strategies, the Personal CFO adapts the function of your wealth to meet the requisites of your lifestyle and responsibilities. Intergenerational wealth families also benefit as they share the same need for a skilled wealth care team leader.

By identifying existing gaps in your plan and driving expense reduction through reduction of excess fees (usually caused by inefficiency) to advisors, money managers and other professionals, a Personal CFO frees you up to focus your energy elsewhere, confidently maintaining your lifestyle, both now and in retirement.

Put a captain onboard. Sit down with Steve Olson. Schedule a no-cost, initial review of your existing structure and plan. With Atlantic Wealth Partners’ Personal CFO, you go forward.