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Financial Wellbeing Demands Specialized Wealth Care

Almost undoubtedly, you’ve entrusted a team of specialists to administer your professional and personal wealth care. Their jobs are wealth protection and advancement. At the very least these specialists should do you no harm.

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Should a Parent Serve as Trustee of a Special Needs Trust?

By SpecialNeedsAnswers 

It is common for a parent to want to be named as trustee of a special needs trust benefitting her child, especially when the parent is the one creating or funding the trust. There are many reasons why this makes sense. It positions the parent to have complete control over trust distributions. It is also very unlikely that anyone else can match the loyalty and dedication that comes from the strong filial bond between a parent and child….

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Reduce Tax Liability on RMDs

Consider Making Charitable Donations Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution

Qualified Charitable Distributions or QCDs are a direct transfer of monies from your IRA custodian as funds payable to a qualified charity. QCDs may be tallied toward meeting your annual required minimum distributions (“RMD”), provided certain stipulations are met.

This is a win-win for almost all charitably minded investors. First, by donating to a charity you do good with your money. Equally important if not as altruistic, a QCD excludes the amount donated from your taxable income….

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